Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunshine day

Sorry I've been MIA, however, life got busy. I'm back! Today I had my first ski race at Beaver Creek. I was completely nervous about racing today. But I once again conquered my fear, and it went well. Basically, I didn't fall and I completed the race course twice. Success! Granted I was one of the slower racers, but the fact I'm even racing is enough.

Yes I get to race for work. It's The ERYC ski team. At times I do truly love my life. It isn't perfect, but it sure has some amazing moments. It also makes Monday seem much less blah. Feeling the sunshine on my face as I went down another run was wonderful. There is something amazing about the mountains...especially when you have early spring happening in February.

It seems like this year is going to bring some unexpected twists and turns. And being able to navigate those turns is what it's all about. I feel really good, and I'm ready to do just that. What metaphor describes your life at the moment?