Saturday, December 5, 2009

Reentry into the real world

I thought the real world would be too much to take, and then my reentry was delayed by a really horrible case of the flu. Feeling awful, and not being able to return to work was so difficult. I wanted to get back to my life. I missed a friend's birthday, a retirement lunch, and just the chance to start to reclaim my life.

Now I'm feeling fine, actually great because when you feel better it's so lovely. I think my body decided the only way to make it was to force me to stop. So I did. Now I've spent the last couple days spending time with favorite friends that I had missed so much. It is good to be back and see everyone who means so much.

I spent quality time with my family. My mom took care of me when I was sick. So nice. And now I can catch up with my friends, and just remember why I love living here. Okay all I need is a beach!

Tomorrow I head to Washington, DC for a conference for the new federal grant received by The Eagle River Youth Coalition. I look forward to meeting new people, and visiting the national's capital. I have only been there once since the summer of 1996 when I interned there. It will be good to be back.