Monday, June 8, 2009

Heading back to Australia

I realized that I hadn't told you that I'm officially going back to Australia. That's right I've been selected as a team member of the Rotary International Group Study Exchange to visit southern Australia. I admit that my travels have been a bit excessive lately. The truth is that traveling is such a key component of who I am. So I keep traveling.

And now I get to make a dream happen. I always wanted to study abroad, but I convinced myself that it cost too much. So I didn't. And now at 23, oh I mean 33, I get to travel abroad for an extended period. Life sure does surprise you sometimes!

What about life surprises you? I'm really surprised that I just wrote two blog entries in one day. A Guiness world record for me.

One hour at a time

I am realizing that I often expect change to happen instantly. Maybe I watched too many fairy tales where a magic wand was waved, and poof everything happened instantly. The truth is that our lives aren't like a Polaroid picture. We don't wave them, and then the image or the way forward appears instantly. Alcoholics often talk about having a moment of clarity. Meanwhile, I'm lucky if I remember to walk out the door with my cell phone.

So now I'm taking it one hour at a time, per my friend's suggestion. That seems to work better. So this hour I'm taking the time to write on my blog. Wonders never cease, and I'm enjoying the moment.