Friday, August 28, 2009

A good book

A good book is like a fine glass of wine to be savored. Amy recently let me borrow "Loving Frank". This book is a fictionalized account of a true love affair. The book is about a modern woman living in the 19th century, though you may not identify with all the choices she makes you can identify with her belief in being authentic to yourself. Read it. I couldn't put it down. It kept me up nights. Enjoy!

A trip away

So right now I'm sitting in my friend Ruth's kitchen. I just caught up on a month of blog entries on her wonderful blog site She inspires me to want to write on my blog on a more regular basis, and she makes me laugh on her blog and in general. Spending time with friends is truly a blessing.

Soon we are heading to Sonoma to wine country, which is one of my favorite activities. Truly, having to taste wines, how will we survive? I have finally made it to Sacramento to see where she lives. Getting a chance to hang out with someone in their natural habitat gives you a much better sense of their life, and then you can talk about your common frame of reference.

I noticed on my last blog entry (last month) that I was talking about suffering from allergies. I'm happy to report that after the misery I am feeling much better. It turns out it wasn't just allergies, it was also anemia and some thyroid issues. I went to a Naturopath, because the traditional medicine route just wasn't helping.

It turns out that my inability to wake up had a medical reason. I just put too much expectation on myself. Even with this blog I feel like once a month is not enough. It does make the bar manageable. If I can get to twice per month then I've made a major advance!

Which brings me back to spending time with friends, and how wonderful it is for creating the best life. Last weekend Mary Beth came to Denver and Boulder and we spent some great hours people watching...priceless. And this weekend I get to spend some quality time with Ruth. So life is good. I will keep you posted, maybe twice or more this month!