Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back in habit

So my entry today is going to be short and sweet, but I'm trying to get back to an entry per day during the week until I buy a new laptop. Yes, my work laptop is being diagnosed, but I think I've decided to get a new personal one. My other personal one is so so slow.

I'm borrowing my roommate Cheryl's, and new one's are super fast, and well they rock. It's an investment in my writing and probably one of my more wise decisions. I'm over older computer systems that just don't work as well or nearly as quickly.

The new computer is sort of a metaphor for change. I believe in most instances that change is good. It makes you look at things in a new light, and it gives you that energizing boost that sometimes is just what you need. I'm just discovering the truth of how difficult it is to change your long ingrained habits.

The interesting part is that I've always thrived on change in my life whether it's a new job, a new adventure, travel, or a new place to live. It's just that behavior change is different as it doesn't have the pizazz of moving to New York City or even the mountains of Colorado. I guess I need to look at it more like the changes that I've chosen to make for my own happiness and well-being. Then maybe they will stick! What about you? How have you embraced change in your life or your lifestyle? Any tips for the rest of us?

Have a wonderful day! Thursday I will be relaxing at a place that my friend Sondra doesn't want me to mention, but hint: it's in Santa Cruz, CA. I know you can infer where I might be going.

Bootcamp and walking for a total of 1 hr, 20 minutes
Food: Good until dinner (too many chips and salsa) No margarita, but the fast is almost over!
Finances: Out to dinner, but brought lunch, okay
Creativity: Sparked by attending the Philadelphia Philharmonic at the Ford amplitheater, great music and conversation afterward

Monday, July 14, 2008

Catching up...

Let's be honest catching up is difficult. It is much easier to stay on task. I'm catching up on blogging, because my laptop at home isn't functioning properly. You forget what life is like without the Internet. I tried to write an entry on Friday, but no such luck.

Anyway, just to let you my few loyal readers know I have been following my plan. Yesterday, I went swimsuit shopping, which is one of the toughest shopping trips of all--truly torture. I perserved, and I found a suit with the help of my friend Sondra. Thank you! I know that it went so much better, because I've been exercising and putting in the time at boot camp, hiking, walking, and yoga (sometimes). Even so putting a suit on tells you that you've got to keep going. I'm making progress, but it just seems really slow.

The truth is that one of my strongest traits has always been perservence. I am stubborn, which maybe this time will be an asset versus a deterrent. Stubborness is definitely a two-way street. I've been thinking a lot about whether lifestyle change is about willpower. Partly, but that will only take you so far, and then you have to set some solid goals to charge ahead.

My next big goal is to complete the Glenwood Springs Triathlon on Sept. 7th. I am signing up this week, and training for the next month and a half so I can complete the race. An article on getting to your fitness goals states:

1. Name a dream goal that you're passionate about. (Bob would call this a stretch goal). This goal will give you the drive and commitment to stay the course. My current dream goal is to complete the GWS triathlon in 1:45.

2. Set realistic and challenging confidence-builder goals. Each week and month you need goals. This week my goal is to log six hours of exercise. So far two hours have been completed. Also remember to work backwards to determine the steps necessary to reach the goals. My other goal is to bring my lunch each day this week!

3. Focus on the progress. Not only should you focus on the results, but on the progress, too. For example, I haven't drank for 23 days. Though this week the alcohol fast ends with a look to moderation.

4. Know the difference between a setback and derailment. This one is so true. If you miss exercise or eat horribly don't use that as an excuse to abandon all your progress. Just dust yourself off, and get back up.

5. Recognize and celebrate your accomplishments. This week is my 7th week of bootcamp. I have made 5 out of 7 classes. And one of the classes I missed I logged an hour in the gym to make it up. I have toned up and lost a couple inches and a couple pounds.

And then repeat. This is a marathon, not a sprint. It's about a lifestyle change, which is the only change that I'm interested in making. And remind me of that when I lose my motivation. Thank you to all of you who are supporting me during this process!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Hot Summer Nights

So tonight I'm going to the free concert in Vail at the Ford Ampitheater. The band sounds good, and I haven't made one this year. I normally go to yoga on Tuesdays, but instead I'm going to workout over lunch instead (this is a new one). I'm trying to make it a priority to work out at least 30 minutes per day. Some days I get in a lot more, which is just a great bonus. But on those days when I've got fun activities after work if I can at least get 30 minutes logged then I feel like a success.

What really matters is whether you are taking care of yourself, which often goes when you need it the most. Recently, I read in an article in the NYT that people with depression often get type II diabetes because when you're down you stop taking care of yourself. It just reminds me that everything is connected holisitically. Our body and mind are a system together.

Well now I'm off to the concert to have some fun this week is a bit stressful, and I don't want to stress anymore about work. Have a great one!

Quick update:
No alcohol
1 and 15 minute hike (walk/jog)
Food: Good.
Creativity: C'mon it was a Monday. Not a whole lot!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Back on track

Gotta love a holiday weekend that is arranged around barbecues and fireworks. Last week sort of got me off track from writing in my blog each day, but this week I'm back on track. My home computer is having some issues, so I'm not using it as much. And well not using a computer on the weekend (until I have a new one) is a definite nice break.

So since my meltdown on Tuesday things are looking up. I've lost some more weight, and I wore a shirt that just wasn't fitting before, so I'm starting to see some results. I would love it if it would happen overnight, however, I'm coming to terms with the fact that it just won't.

I'm also working on becoming more accepting of my body. That whole mind/body connection is really important. Thanks for reminding me of that Becky. Also, my roommate Cheryl and I were watching, "What Not to Wear," please nominate me to be on it! And I completely identified with the person getting made over, as it is really difficult to accept yourself and recognize that no one's perfect, and stop the comparisions to others. It's difficult in this 'thin is in' society. What I'm striving for is better health and more acceptance, which is difficult if you've got a skewed body image.

So catching up on the all the days is too hard. So long story short. Food is pretty good. No alcohol for 16 days. And more workouts at the beginning of the week versus the weekends. I'll work on that stat in the coming weekend. Summer is just busy, and it's been really hot. I know, excuses.

Food: Good choices, balanced
Workout: No
No alcohol, and I went to a bbq
Creativity: Cleaned more to make room for creative projects. Sounds crazy, but sometimes we a clear space to get creative, though I did write in my journal this weekend, and I did some reading.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Seeking Sanctuary

So yesterday wasn't my best day ever. I sort of had a mini-breakdown. It seems that my marathon month, work stress, all these changes, and my planning for my trip caught up with me. I guess I was just waiting for July 1, and then I just got upset. I know it's because I haven't sought out sanctuary (and made room for myself) in all of this. So I went home early, took a nap, and I cleaned my room. Getting organized again will really help. You can't take the pressure of being behind the eight ball all of the time. At some point something has to give. In a nutshell that's way I didn't write in my blog yesterday.

So I'm looking at making my trip more manageable. I may not see as much of Australia as I would like, however, unless I have a friend along with me the lodging costs will be too much. So either someone will sign up to go. Hint, hint, or I'm going to figure out what I can handle and just stick with that. I would like to see more of Austraila, but I'm guessing I may get back there. I just don't want the added pressure of spending too much and going more into the hole. I also may need to fit in some part-time hours. Some of you are laughing I know. It would be great to put in time doing something I enjoy like writing/editing, so I am going to seek out some options. I'll make this work! Yesterday I wasn't sure, but today I'm reenergized to move forward.

I guess my other realization is that I need more healthy stress coping mechanisms. Exercise is one, but boot camp being so early in the morning doesn't necessarily decrease my stress. Yoga does, but also I want other options. too. I recently read an article called, "When stress hits, we default to 'coping combos': Our patterns of sleeping/eating (or not) are based in biology, emotion.

Excerpt: "Say hello to the many faces of stress. While health experts urge people to exercise, eat right and get enough sleep in order to keep stress and its harmful effects at bay, many of us tend to fall into all-too-predictable and all-too-unhealthy patterns when life gets out of whack -- we smoke more, we drink more, we ignore the gym and make tracks for the shopping mall. But the place stress seems to hammer us the hardest is right where we live: in our bedrooms and bellies."

This right here proves that I may be a bit crazy...with the addition of all my healthy patterns--I need other healthy coping mechanisms. The expert from the article, Thorn said that when we're feeling out of control we look for the quick fixes such as alcohol, chocolate, carbs (we're genetically wired to do this). I knew it!

"The good news, Thorn says, is that just because there's a really, really old program running in our head that urges us to seize the Danish (or the dirty martini) when the you-know-what hits the fan, it's not a foregone conclusion that we have to pay attention to it."

As for me I'm changing the channel to other programs. Some healthy coping behaviors from the article: listening to music, reading, exercising or walking (maybe not boot camp), spending time with family and friends, and praying/meditation. Any suggestions? Please put in comments if you've got thoughts! Also, does anyone meditate? If so, I would like to talk to you.

Monday/Tuesday stats
Monday workout: 45 min. Boot camp and 35 minutes elliptical, walk to lunch (20 minutes)
Tuesday: none
Food Choices: Good!
Spending: okay...bought expensive comfortable brown sandals. Cheap ones always kill my feet. Still deciding whether to keep them...not a lot of choices around here. Turned in shoes to Green Closet and bought two shirts. (And I'm eco-friendly)!
Creativity: I started looking at my collection of beads I've got some presents to work on, and I want to make a necklace for myself. Reading more...a bit of journaling. Creativity as a stress reliever--I like it!

Want to read the whole article go to www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25200752/